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Haskell Stories 'N Motion American Indian Film Festival

In its 7th year, this film festival showcases the top American Indian Films out there!!

11:00 am Burial (Director/Writer: Scott Pewenofkit)

11:15am - Unconquered: Allan Houser and the Legacy of one Apache Family
(Director: Bryan Beasley)

12:00pm - From the Badlands to Alcatraz (Director: Nancy Iverson)

1:00pm – Finding DQ-U: The Lonely Struggle of California’s only Tribal College
(Director/Writer: Christopher Newman)

1:45pm - Two Spirits (Director: Lydia Nibley)

3:00pm - Return of the Goose Dance (Director: Abhish S. Birla)

3:45pm - Reclaiming Their Voices (Director/Producer: Dorothy Fadiman)

5:00pm – The Dead Can't Dance (Director/Writer: Rodrick Pocowatchit)

7:00pm - Choctaw Code Talkers (Director: Valerie Red-Horse)


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