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"Peaceful Warrior" film screening with Q&A

Oldfather Studios

Enjoy a free screening of "Peaceful Warrior" and a Q&A with KU alum and entertainment executive Mark Amin.

"Peaceful Warrior" is based on the incredible true story of gymnast Dan Millman. Though Dan has everything he could want -- a chance at Olympic gold, good grades and popularity -- he still feels something is missing. After a chance encounter with a mysterious service station attendant and a career-halting injury, he finds a new strength both spiritual and physical.

Mark Amin, whose Sobini Films produced the film, will provide a behind-the-scenes look into the production of the movie. Amin has earned credit in over 50 feature films ranging from low budget independents to television films and major studio productions as vice chairman of Lionsgate Entertainment and CEO of Sobini Films. Amin earned his undergraduate degree in economics from KU in 1972 and an MBA from UCLA.


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