Contention: New Black and White Paintings by Josh Adams

Bourgeois Pig

Artist Statement:
These paintings examine the spatial and emotional relationships between facial features and expressions of multiple stacked portraits. Each work is an amalgamation of two or more images of one person. Thoughtfully positioned, the faces dissolve into one another. Their union develops subtle disturbances of clarity and coherence, while seeming to invent one creature of new feeling.

I chose black and white to keep the focus on form and value. Furthermore, I employed a variety of mark making to stimulate the surface and draw attention to process-to yield a sense of transparency, motion and life.

Artist Bio:
Josh Adams was born and raised in Kansas City. At an early age he showed artistic interests and was encouraged by his parents to take piano lessons. The piano lessons later turned into drum lessons, which lasted until the end of high school. Josh also found solace in drawing as a means of expression, but never fully pursued the outlet until college. He attended the University of Kansas and graduated in 2006 with a BFA in painting and a minor in art history.

Since graduating, Josh has exhibited his work locally in solo and group shows, toured the country playing music in various ensembles and moved to Los Angeles to seek a professional career in studio drumming-recording with Mike Andrews and Melanie Laurent. He currently lives in Lawrence where he works and makes art and music.


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