The Long and The Short: new works by Molly Murphy

Bourgeois Pig

“The intuitive, but incorrect, assumption that has kept us from understanding brains ... is intelligence is defined by behavior. Intelligence is defined by prediction.”
“We experience the world through a sequence of patterns, and we store them, and we recall them. And when we recall them, we match them up against reality. We are making predictions all the time. It's an internal metric... a prediction leads to intelligent behavior.” -Jeff Hawkins on Brain Theory

This series of work looks at our manipulations of the physical world to suit our human compulsions. Placing memories of the natural world up against landscapes of human construction, and memories of renaissance knowledge against specialization, these works ask questions about what the physical landscape will look like based on memory, patterns and predictions.

Understanding the natural world and ourselves requires abstract thought before coming to what may seem a very simple answer...


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