jun 5

Black Christmas w/ Melting Point Of Bronze

Eighth Street Tap Room

Tonight, be sure to pack earplugs before you head to the Eighth Street Tap Room, 19 E. Eighth St., because between The Melting Point of Bronze and Black Christmas, hearing loss is a distinct possibility. Black Christmas creates dark, moody soundscapes that avoid the repetition inherent in a lot of instrumental music by frequently changing or expanding their sound. Their songs tend to be more passive and metered, making them better suited for a patient listener.

The Melting Point of Bronze, on the other hand, is about as subtle as sledgehammer. Like Black Christmas, many of their songs are instrumentals, or feature vocals so muffled they may as well be, but the band is significantly more aggressive and the band definitely fits the popular definition of metal music. Guitars crunch, the bass riffs are thick and the percussion is cymbal-heavy, to say the least.

The show starts at 10 p.m. and is for metalheads 21 and older. Admission is $3.


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