News from out here: New works on paper Oil studies by Clare Doveton

Bourgeois Pig

The Bourgeois Pig, recently featured on the front page of the Huffington Post at the number 5 spot in the Best College Coffee Shops in America feature, was highlighted in part because of their many years dedicated to progressive art shows. (The first artist to show at the Bourgeois Pig was William S. Burroughs.) This month, Clare Doveton, known primarily for her large and beautifully sprawling works on canvas, brings a series of smaller, more intimate works on paper. The pieces still reflect the brilliant colors of Kansas skies and expansive lands, but with a compelling intimacy that draws you in for close-up viewing. This will be Doveton's first show comprised entirely of these small works. Be sure to arrive early if you want to own a work from this series, because Doveton's shows tend to sell out quickly!


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