Lawrence Percolator

This show consists of Lucille Vann's themed scrapbooks which span seventy years of American history. Lucille is a Lawrence native and is now 95 years old. She started making scrapbooks while her husband was serving in WWII, stopped and started again in 1980 when someone bought one of her books from the 40's. The scrapbooks cover a broad range of themes including iconoclastic images of advertizing and fashion from the decades as they evolve, what it has meant to be black in America, and zines about the history of slavery.

The Percolator is an autonomous art collective focused on the interactive creativity of the community in which it thrives. We're located in the alley between 9th & 10th & New Hampshire & Rhode Island streets, open Saturdays & Sundays noon-6pm & every final friday of the month. We hope to see you soon and often.


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