nov 4

The Hip Hop and Love Tour with MURS


Tonight, ring in the weekend with an outstanding hip-hop show courtesy of Tabi Bonney, Ski Beatz and Murs. Their tour, aptly titled The Hip Hop and Love Tour, is a little more lively than the standard show, which features a hype man, a DJ and an MC usually walking the stage and gripping his pants. Tabi Bonney and Ski Beatz will perform together with the help of a live band, complete with horn section. If you’re unfamiliar with Bonney, he’s a true artist on the verge; having just completed an early leg of the admittedly big tour with Murs, he’s been road tested and ready for more. Ski Beatz is a great young producer who favors live instruments over crated samples, and Murs is Murs. He’s incredibly prolifc, never takes himself too seriously and is an expert lyricist whether he’s talking about street life or Christina Ricci. Seriously.


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