Teeth As Art, by Luka Mjeda (presented by David Frayer)

Bourgeois Pig

Teeth as Art, by Luka Mjeda
opening reception from 6 until 9 pm

Luka Mjeda (www.lukamjeda.com) is based in Zagreb, Croatia and works with David Frayer (KU - Anthropology) on Neandertal teeth. This exhibit is the first result of their work on a Teeth as Art publication. Luka is a professional photographer who has done commercial art for many Croatian magazines and in advertising (Levi´s, Banka, MG, MUO, Kras, Jadran, Bornstein, Juicy). He has produced 16 single-artist exhibitions along with participating in many group exhibitions. His work is in the collections of the Museum of Arts and Crafts, the Modern Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Croatia and in private collections. He has published images in many art compilations and in his own editions in Croatia.
Teeth as Art
The Krapina Neandertal site is a national icon for Croatia. Dated ~130,000 years ago, the site was excavated between 1899-1905 and contains hundreds of bones and teeth. «The material has been a part of my life since childhood and recently I received an opportunity from the Croatian Natural History Museum to photo the collection.”
A tooth is just another dirty old fossil tooth, you might say?
«Not for me! And not for these teeth. Beyond their anthropological importance, these teeth have a surreal component - a concept of constant change and development of humans in their deep past. Intrigued by this idea and nudged by David Frayer, I manipulated the original images to create a new perspective on the way we view these teeth.»
Contact David Frayer (zagrebdave@gmail.com) for all purchases. If you want an image already sold, also contact him for other, unframed copies.


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