Priti Cox

Lawrence Percolator

Janata (The Masses)

Corporate globalization, by design, is driven by acquisition and profit. A gain in one part of the world means that someone in another part involuntarily pays the price. In India today, growth and development are euphemisms for inequity and displacement. Governments and corporations not only in India but across the world are grabbing for resources through military intervention, outright war, intimidation, and simple business-as-usual. The five percent of India that is, in the business propaganda term, "shining" today is leaving behind a very long shadow in its path - the other new India that is grey, desperate and violent. What's happening in India is proof that when people are uprooted from their rightful access to "common property" resources such as land, water, seed and livelihoods, they are not going to take it lying down--even if they do not have powerful lobbyists with money and men with guns to fight for them.

Priti Cox, a native of India has lived in Salina since 2000. Her paintings and mixed-media installations integrate Indian cultural artforms and address issues affecting global society and politics. Her website is


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