Chase Foster, Daniella Mason


Tonight's humble offering is for the singer/songwriter fans who get spirited away on shimmering production, soaring choruses and heartbreaking crescendos that would perfectly score an admission of love from one character to another on a CW drama series. Perhaps that's too jaded. Let's start over.

Chase Foster and Daniella Mason have a history of performing together, which makes sense as their styles compliment each other so well and are definitely in the same wheelhouse. Mason's vocals are angelic and her songs benefit both from her control and her willingness to loosen her grip on her voice for some truly moving, almost euphoric moments. "Dreams" fits the description from the first paragraph, but also manages to remain emotionally affecting.

Foster, is similarly emotionally evocative, but he does so counter to Mason. Rather than build songs to richly layered, sweeping climaxes, Foster is a minimalist. Many of his live performances rely on only his voice and scant accompaniment from a backing band or just a piano. The result is equally disarming and stirring.

Tonight's show is $3 and begins at 9:30 p.m. The show is all ages.


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