Worst Band in America 2012 Tour at The Percolator

Lawrence Percolator

Scraping Teeth (Miami) is on their Worst Band in America 2012 Tour. They were voted Worst Band in America by Spin in 1995.

There will be a potluck at 5pm, sounds will happen from 7-10pm. Donations Accepted. The Percolator has green awnings and is in the alley behind the Arts Center. Technically its address is Garage 913 Rhode Island (the perc is BEHIND 913 Rhode Island in the alley).

This show is all-ages but not necessarily appropriate for all-ages.

http://soundcloud.com/folkicide - Folkicide songs to listen to...

visit http://www.thisismycondition.com to see Burnie from Folkicide's
awesome flier that he made. Once again an awesome flier.

http://youtu.be/ZD8deYz0Fgk - Spin Worst Band in America Contest 1995

http://squelchers.net/ST/teeth.htm - Scraping Teeth

http://youtu.be/vxSnwOVwNe4 - Holly Hunt


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