jul 3

3 Moons, Chad Bryan, This Is My Condition @ Percolator Pass-the-Hat Series

Another Pass-the-Hat series show:

5pm potluck 7pm music

According to your last name, bring something from this list:
A-G bring a starchy side dish
H-K bring a desert
L-O bring beverages
P-S bring a protein dish (meat or vegetarian is fine)
T-V bring supplies (napkins, plates, plasticware)
W-Z bring a vegetable dish

3 Moons from Portland Oregon. Sort of psych folk blues. This is Jeffrey Kologe, of late from Kansas City and in such famous (in my mind) bands as The Sperm and I Don't Do Gentlemen to say nothing of Miscellaneous Insect Collective.



Chad Bryan from the Ants will perform solo.

TIMC will open up the evening promptly at 7pm. Woo hoo!


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