The Ranch presents Dj Kool Ed on the Turntables

Cadillac Ranch

Dj Kool Ed gets down not just for the fun of it, but for the love of it. He spins because nothing else is quite as satisfying and that is why Lawrence is proud to claim him as one of its own.

“I play a mix of 70 & 80s R&B classics, Funk (James Brown), 80’s pop (Madonna), a hand picked selection of new pop & hip-hop (Lady Gaga, Usher, etc) , reggae (Bob Marley), Rock (Roling Stones, Nirvana) and Dance music (Electronic or Classic),” dj Kool Ed explains. “I have a knack for knowing what people want to hear from just reading the crowd. When I play it, they dance. That’s the best feeling.”

Come enjoy KU graduation weekend this Friday with some good music, good vibes and an awesome DJ that will keep you dancing and celebrating the night away!

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