Guided by Voices


Featuring Detective

All ages
$25 advance, $30 at the door

In 2009, Robert Pollard reunited the “classic era” (1993-1996) Guided By Voices line-up for Matador Records' 21st anniversary and a short tour: Tobin Sprout (guitar) “Mitch” Mitchell (guitar), Greg Demos (bass) and Kevin Fennel (drums), who recorded GBV's ground-breaking lo-fi album, Bee Thousand, which has heralded as the #1 All Time Greatest Indie Rock Album.

Following sold out shows and fantastic performances, Pollard took the band into the studio to record Let's Go Eat The Factory,which was released in January, 2012 to tremendous acclaim:

iTunes Single of the Week, iTunes featured album, David Letterman TV show appearance, NPR Exclusive First Listen, Rolling Stone Magazine Playlist, covers of Magnet and Ghettoblaster magazine...

In June, GBV will be releasing yet another new album, which ups the ante with the standout singles, "Keep It In Motion" and "Class Clown Spots A UFO"


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