"Here we were, Here we are"

Bourgeois Pig

"Here we were, Here we are"
Incredible Astounding Art Works
The Bourgeois Pig
September 28th, 2012
5-9 pm.

"Here we were, Here we are", is a collection of artists that have been active in the Lawrence art community for longer than it takes to pay a downtown parking ticket.
With each trip, each move, and each new travel experience, this collection of artists bring their influences from the road back to the town of Lawrence. As the plane returns or a car door shuts, each person brings along with them a trinket of what they picked up along their travels and give back to the community a kind of currency that is not monetary. "Here we were, Here we are" will put the viewer face to face with a group of artists that keep you light on your feet and put a twinkle in your soul.

Artists include: Andrew Burkitt, Christa Dalien, Leslie Kay, Alicia Kelly, Michael Krueger, Kenneth Kupfer, Whitney Mahoney, Scott McPherson, Molly Murphy, Clint Ricketts

Works on display all month of October.


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