Sip & Shop Lawrence


Friday the 13th heralds the return of Lawrence's Holiday Sip & Shop, a one-night-only holiday market staffed by local artists friendly bartenders! Shop local... with a drink in your hand!

This year's Sip & Shop will feature affordable hand-made goods from a curated selection of the region's best printmakers, jewelers, makers and designers, gathered together in the elegant Pachamama's Alton Ballroom:

Wonder Fair (prints, zines, stationery)
Patrick Giroux (screenprints and letterpress)
BiKlops Design/Jeff Immer (screenprints)
Jason Barr (drawings, paintings, and prints)
Martha Brummett (women's accessories and flower arrangements)
Sundowner Studioes/Andrew Burkitt and Clinton Ricketts (etchings)
Dick Daniels (paintings and screenprints)
Ann Dean Photography (photography)
Jesse Gray (drawings and paintings)
Leslie Kay Handmade (apparel and screenprints)
Bailey Marable (jewelry)
Justin Marable (screenprints)
Pioneers Press (independent published zines and books)
Ricochet Waves/Jasmine McCaffrey (jewelry)
Studio Ike/Jeff McKee (screenprints)
Jeromy Morris (paintings and screenprints)
Recrudescence Studio (jewelry)
Benjamin Rumback (wooden sculpture, screenprinted dolls, and more)
Wood and Salt (gourmet finishing salts, brining mixes, and smoking wood chips)


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