SNIPE HUNT at the Lawrence Percolator

Lawrence Percolator

As part of the November Final Friday Art Walk, Lawrence Percolator will kick off a series of community art events with the feature exhibition by SNIPE HUNT on Friday, November 29, 2013 at 5:00pm.

SNIPE HUNT is an acronym for Society of the Never-ending Inquest to Prove Existence and Hopefully Uncover Non-typical Terrestrials. Lawrence-based artists Kent Smith and Matthew Lord created SNIPE HUNT to function as a community-sourced art project exploring the numerous reports of the many mysterious creatures around the world and the cryptic phenomena that surround them.

Concept for the art exhibition:
Using cryptozoology* as an allegory for legendary individuals, animals and the act of story-telling, this exhibition will be a celebration of cryptids, whose existence is often passed down through oral tradition, stories that are embellished, can't be authenticated, or are just too weird to be believed (or denied).

For this exhibition, the artists have collected numerous reports of legendary beasts, enigmatic people and strange happenings from writers and community contributors. These stories are the source material for original pieces of art showcased in the SNIPE HUNT exhibition.

All reports submitted by November 16, 2013 will be studied, compiled and exhibited for public viewing at the Lawrence Percolator Gallery, located in the alley behind 913 Rhode Island. Those missing the deadline, but still wanting to share their stories are encouraged to do so at the gallery while the show is on display. Hours for Lawrence Percolator are Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00-6:00 pm.

The SNIPE HUNT platform is intended to spark a discussion on unique and legendary individuals (animal or human) and will be exploring the roots of modern folklore. While not everyone may have an actual cryptid encounter to draw from, they may have a unique voice or story they feel is valuable to share with the public, or they may simply enjoy listening and viewing the content of the stories.

SNIPE HUNT Community Art Series Events:
Opening Reception: Fri. Nov. 29 5:00 to 9:00 pm, Lawrence Percolator--Meet the artists and read the accounts submitted by our intrepid team of talented storytellers as we kick off the beginning of SNIPE HUNT. All ages welcome

Cryptid Making Workshop: Sat. Dec. 14, 12:00 to 3:00 pm, Lawrence Percolator--A workshop brought to you by SNIPE HUNT. We will be creating whimsical creatures using printmaking techniques. All ages welcome.

Winter Solstice: Sat. Dec. 21, 7:00pm, Lawrence Percolator--Celebrate the first day of winter and join us as we read from selected stories of strange encounters submitted by the community as part of the SNIPE HUNT exhibition.

About the artists:
Kent Smith is an illustrator, designer and all-around artist extraordinaire. A graduate of the University of Kansas with a BFA in illustration and design, Kent gets to spend his time making pictures—something he celebrates daily. Made from many mediums, Kent’s artwork is chock-full of humor and personality. He is always up for a new challenge. Kent loves robots, ninjas, super-heroes, monkeys, ray-guns and romance.

Matthew Lord graduated with a BFA in illustration from the University of Kansas and is a commercial illustrator/designer and fine artist. Matt’s artwork tilts toward the absurd, with a healthy dose of pop culture critique. He strives to tell a well-constructed story with his artwork, using the panel as his delivery device. Matt’s influences are drawn from a youth saturated with comic books and toy commercials—he still holds out hope to someday get the G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier.

Matt and Kent have known each other for well over a decade. They share and celebrate many of the same influences and interests. In recent years, this adventurous dynamic duo has continued on their path toward world domination through various forms of artistic collaboration. These include hosting monthly life-drawing events --- they are 2 of the 3 founding members of The Thieves Guild --- and working together on a variety of commissions. You may have even seen their work in this year’s Art Tougeau Parade, where they received a “Major Award” for their efforts on their entry titled “The USS Jackalope.”

*Cryptozoology: the study of mysterious animals whose existence has yet to be proven. Some examples of these animals include, but are not limited to, sasquatch, chupacabra and the Loch Ness monster. The study of Cryptozoology includes the search for animals that are considered extinct (such as dinosaurs), animals whose existence lacks physical evidence but which often appear in myth, legend and spoken word accounts (such as Bigfoot or chupacabra) and wild animals dramatically outside of their normal geographic range (such as phantom cats). These hidden animals are referred to as “cryptids.”


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