SNIPE HUNT at the Lawrence Percolator

Lawrence Percolator

December 27, 5-9 pm

If you haven't yet seen the SNIPE HUNT and her cast of elusive characters,
tomorrow's your chance.

Using cryptozoology as an allegory for legendary individuals, animals and
the act of story-telling, this exibition will be a celebration of cryptids,
whose existence is often passed down through oral tradition, stories that
are embellished, can't be authenticated, or are just too weird to be
believed (or denied).

For this exhibition, artists Kent Smith and Matthew Lord have collected
numerous reports of legendary beasts, enigmatic people and strange
happenings from writers and community contributors. These stories are the
source material for original pieces of art showcased in the SNIPE HUNT

SNIPE HUNT will close Saturday, January 18.

About the artists:

Kent Smith is an illustrator, designer and all-around artist
extraordinaire. A graduate of the University of Kansas with a BFA in
illustration and design, Kent gets to spend his time making
pictures—something he celebrates daily. Made from many mediums, Kent’s
artwork is chock-full of humor and personality. He is always up for a new
challenge. Kent loves robots, ninjas, super-heroes, monkeys, ray-guns and

Matthew Lord graduated with a BFA in illustration from the University of
Kansas and is a commercial illustrator/designer and fine artist. Matt’s
artwork tilts toward the absurd, with a healthy dose of pop culture
critique. He strives to tell a well-constructed story with his artwork,
using the panel as his delivery device. Matt’s influences are drawn from a
youth saturated with comic books and toy commercials—he still holds out
hope to someday get the G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier.

HOW TO FIND the Percolator: We are located just east of the construction
project at 9th and New Hampshire. So it's tricky to find us. There are two
ways: the gallery is located behind a house marked 913 Rhode Island. You'll
see our yellow Percolator mailbox. Go up the steps and follow the path to
the south of the house. You will see our yellow building; keep walking
around it to our alley entrance. B. Find the alley that's on 10th St.
between New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Walk north on this alley (behind
the Lawrence Arts Center) until you reach a construction fence and a white
walkway. Follow the walkway under a tree full of balls. Your perseverance
will be rewarded.

Lawrence Percolator ::

Location: look for the green awnings in the alley behind 913 Rhode Island

Hours: Saturdays & Sundays 12-6pm


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