Works by Jen Unekis


About Jen:

Jen Unekis was born in Los Angeles, California in 1964. She lived in a classic Southern California home with a pool, play house, citrus trees and a built in trampoline in the back yard. At the age of 4 her father decided to return to his roots in Kansas and she moved to a 100 year-old farm house that had sat vacant for 5 years and had been a wonderful home to the local wildlife. Since the farm was in extreme need of repair, for the next 10 years of her life her home was a constantly changing environment. Horse hair plaster & lathe walls, exposed stairs and half finished projects were the style of decorating in her new home. And plastic sheeting became a favorite material for just about everything, including doors, windows, and walls to keep out the drafts. Even tablecloths were made out of it. Life had changed from one of comfort to that of a struggling farm family. But the lack of life's creature comforts is probably what sparked Jen's creative spirit. Her world was 40 acres of land to explore, full of odd objects to cherish. A graveyard of old farm machinery was one of her favorite spots.

After leaving the farm and moving to many locations (and attending three different high schools in three years) she landed back in Kansas, moved to Lawrence and enrolled in KU. After studying Art and Design with an emphasis in ceramics she began creating primarily works in clay. That changed to multi-media work in 1988. Today she lives in a little yellow bungalow near the river with her daughter Adeline and husband David, where she has a business that provides decorative interior painting and faux finishes along with an art studio. Her recent work has become a study of color and texture working primarily in venetian plaster and acrylic paints. Jen's work has won placement awards in the Kansas Visions show, the LOYO show and the Lawrence Art Guild's Art in the Park.

Actually, only this much is truly known: the uglier the dog, the more Jennifer likes it. The rest is mere conjecture, but that won't stop it from being printed. Also, by an amazing coincidence, she was born on her birthday. She is considered very talented by her husband, who knows what's good for him.