Olassa Variety Show w/ Monzie Leo & The Big Sky


Monzie Leo & the Big Sky
7 Featured members of Foxy By Proxy
Master of Ceremonies Mark Hennessy
Francis Moss of The Wonder Revolution
Puppet show by Paul Santos
Comic juggler and part time contortionist Tim Dingus

With a Midwest, alt-country impression of Gogol Bordello a la The Moldy Peaches, Olassa brings an updated thrift store charm and chemistry to the otherwise straightforward, blue-collar Lawrence/Kansas City music scene. Packing a pretty hefty collection of bass and catchy song-styling, the band’s male to female vocal structures allow them the ability to come out swinging and sock their audience in the teeth, with enough talent and ability to leave a listener enamored with a song. Quite honestly, Olassa is the type of band that is easy to become completely smitten with.


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