Samin Son: Toothpaste Action Series No.14

Samin Son: Toothpaste Action Series No.14 with supporting act Owl People performing a live soundtrack to our new film project, Sunflower Ruins.

Time is 6-9pm on Saturday, May 18 at SEEDCO Studios, 826 Pennsylvania St. (parking and entrance in rear, by Poehler Lofts). Cost is $5 Recommended Donation.

Owl People (Ambient Music & Performance Video)
Dan Lowe (Performance Art Installation)
CS Luxem (Live Music Improvisation)

SEEDCO Studios welcomes Samin Son as the first participant in the Fresh Produce International Artist Exchange. During his stay, Son will create art and collaborate with local artists. On the last day of his week-long residency at SEEDCO Studios, Son will present the 14th installment of Toothpaste Action Series, which he has performed internationally (Number 13 was in San Francisco, and 15 will be in Wellington, New Zealand). Toothpaste Action Seriestakes a subversive look at the daily routine and rituals required over his two years of military service for South Korea.

Samin Son is a Korean-born artist, currently based in Wellington. His practice traverses different mediums - painting, installation, sound and video - with performative strategies. The work is formed by his experience of compulsory military service in the Korean Army. He draws upon the endurance and meticulously directed aggression demanded by army life, as well as his struggles with identity and race politics in his second home.

In the army Son had to suppress his non-conformist personality in favour of rules and rigidity. This resulted in an overenthusiasm for the mundane - a pushing of the limits of conformity to their threshold.

"In the army I trained for the riot police, had faeces thrown at me and entered real life riot situations. To toughen me up for the experience, my senior officers would beat me. I had to clean the bathroom floor everyday using toothpaste," says Son.

"These moments were my only opportunities, stolen as they were, to indulge in artistic expression. For a time, illicit toothpaste self-portraits were my only medium, often scrawled on a mirror.'Toothpaste Action' creates a live action, taking an artistic and subversive license to the army conventions. I say 'once a soldier always a soldier,' and when the time comes to do the performance I am ready to report to duty."

Son has exhibited his work and travelled his performance pieces widely in New Zealand and also in in Germany, the US, Taiwan, Seoul and Tokyo.


yuri 5 years, 3 months ago

Also Performing: Owl People - Live Music with Video Projection Dan Lowe - Performance Art Installation CS Luxem - Live Music Improvisation

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