Thollem Electric's Keyngdrum Overdrive with Craig Comstock at Eighth Street Taproom & Kip Haaheim

Eighth Street Tap Room

Thollem is known world-wide as a wildly eclectic improvising piano player. Signal to Noise magazine marvels, "It seems beyond the capacity of one human being to contain so much densely-packed creative energy". Now he’s plugging in all that energy playing with an array of drummers along his perpetual touring schedule, leaping off from his unique approaches with The Hand To Man Band, Whistling Joy Jumpers, Bad News From Houston, and Tsigoti.

Considered around the country as “impulsive machinations with a rock punk insensibility”, Keyngdrum Overdrive is a power duo of Thollem’s distorted Elkapiano combined with the driving percussiveness of Craig Comstock (This Is My Condition).

Kip Haaheim’s Mahakala reflects one of the 'wrathful' deities in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon. Mahakala is pictured as a fierce black figure breathing fire and carrying fearsome weapons. The piece is meditative but is very dark - not like the usual take on meditation. This coming from a musician who, after spending twenty years as a freelance bassist, composer/arranger, and producer in the San Francisco Bay Area, now teaches composition, computer music, multi-media, and 20th Century music theory. More:

Hard to go wrong with impulsive machinations and wrathful, meditating deities.


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