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"Hard Rain-Living with Bombs in Laos" Potluck Dinner/Film Showing

Lawrence Percolator

*Hard Rain-Living with Bombs in Laos*
Potluck dinner/Film showing
Wednesday, April 9, 6:30 pm

Join us at the Percolator this upcoming Wednesday for a potluck dinner and
viewing of the short animated film "Laos Free". Laos Free was created by
Midwest filmmaker Cory Sheldon & is currently being show to Visitors to the
COPE Visitors Center in Vientiane Laos, to provide a background history on
the bombing of Laos & its lingering effects. COPE is a non-profit
organization the helps bomb survivors with rehabilitation services.

Hard Rain-Living with Bombs in Laos will be open at the Percolator weekends
12-6 pm through Saturday, April 20. There will be a closing reception at
the Percolator's April Final Friday.


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