Phoenix Gallery Final Friday Art Walk

Phoenix Gallery

Lawrence artist Angie Pickman will be here for the August Final Friday Art Walk, and two local and well-known ceramic artists, Kim Brooks and Dilesh Fernando, will collaborate for an installation. We will have music by Cucharada, and we will feature food that will be a preview of Lawrence Restaurant Week.

We are pleased to have Angie Pickman here at the gallery for Final Friday. Angie lives and works as a full-time cut paper artist in Lawrence, KS, often operating under the moniker “Rural Pearl.” Her life philosophy revolves around achieving simplicity, winnowing away at all the things that are not needed so that the individual can be reduced to the rawest, purest being possible. Cutting paper is metaphorical for this—the cutting away of all that is unnecessary to reveal the subject in a simple, bold form.

Kim Brooks and Dilesh Fernando will collaborate to show work that is inspired by their lives and experiences. Kim is a local ceramics artist who, along with creating ceramic pieces and teaching at the Lawrence Arts Center, also works at the Phoenix Gallery! Kim will have an art installation of porcelain petals, inspired by the memories of her father and his love for his peonies, lilacs, impatiens, and dogwoods. Dilesh Fernando is a ceramic artist from Lawrence, Kansas. Mathematical proportions of the Golden Mean influence the function and aesthetics in Dilesh’s art. Fluid lines through surface decoration and glazes enhance the aesthetics, as well as enrich the tactile experience. He endeavors to create vessels for people to use in everyday life and continue to enjoy over the years. Dilesh and Kim's installations are not to be missed!

Lawrence Restaurant Week is a feast for the senses. Taking place September 14-20, more than a dozen restaurants will take part in celebrating the eclectic dining scene of downtown Lawrence. During the August Final Friday Art Walk, Phoenix Gallery will be hosting a preview of Lawrence Restaurant Week dishes featuring samples from 715, Ladybird Diner, Pachamamas and Merchants Pub & Plate. Stop by to see what's in store!

Founded in December of 2011, Cucharada had bound a trio of artists together looking to bring Tango music and its various subtypes to the area. They ventured to pursue the canon that is synonymous with Argentina in hopes of being true to the aesthetic while carving out their own interpretations. Some of it is time tested material, while other selections are culled from more recent “Nuevo-Tango.”


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