Passafire w/ Pacific Dub, Ballyhoo!


Passafire w/ Pacific Dub and Ballyhoo!
ADV Tickets- $16
Door Price- $19


Doors open @ 8pm
Show starts @ 9pm

Calling Savannah, GA home, Passafire was formed in 2003 by students attending Savannah College of Art and Design. After performing on a stage outside Atlanta’s Hi Fi Buys Amphitheatre in 2006 where the hybrid rock band, Pepper, was opening for 311, a member of Passafire slipped to Pepper a copy of
the band’s self-titled debut album, Passafire. Pepper had just founded the independent LAW Records with plans to selectively recruit and nurture bands they actually experienced and were impressed by while out on the road - as opposed to sitting in some distant office and combing through piles of demos. “We’re out there every day, meeting and playing with new bands,” says Pepper bassist/singer, Bret Bollinger.
“It’s not a guessing game. We get to meet them, watch them live...”
“And spot their work ethic,” Singer/guitarist, Kaleo Wassman interjects with emphasis,
Passafire developed their sizable fanbase by logging miles all over the US (particularly, in the southeast),
which attracted the established booking agent, Monterey International who has taken the band to the
next level of touring. Passafire has performed with a variety of major acts including The Wailers, Van
Halen, Israel Vibrations, 311, Toots and the Maytals, Los Lonely Boys, Bares Hammond, John
Brown’s Body, Matisyahu, the Aggrolites and Dub Trio. The band lives on the road, playing live
throughout the year. Singer, Ted Bowne doesn’t mind the grueling schedule and adds, “Touring is the
best way to keep the buzz about the band going. What keeps it fun and exciting is the people we meet
and places we get to see. We are in a new city every day so there's always something to go see or do. If
we didn't tour constantly, we wouldn't be doing as well as we are. That's a fact.”


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