mar 6

The Bedside Table

Eighth Street Tap Room

An evening of admissions, omissions and emissions.

Hosted by Leigh Nelson; The Bedside Table is Eighth Street Taproom's monthly forum of comedians addressing not-so-proud moments, sexual misadventures, the stark realizations of the morning after, and everything in between.

This month proudly features headliner Comedian Brian Doby along with a stellar supporting lineup of comedians from Lawrence, Kansas City and Topeka, including: Chance Dibben, Dominique Anthony Davis, Steve Moser, October Strange, Jay Maus and Colby Cusick.

Come out and bask in the red lit basement of the Taproom, laugh about other people's mistakes and forget about your own. Which, considering Tuesday's Mardi Gras celebrations, should be in no shortage. Bring your beads, bring your baby cakes and most importantly bring your butts.

Because when you go looking for fun, you may get more than you bargained for, but in this case that'll add up to one hell of a good time.

Drink Specials:
$3 Wittekerk “Blue Beers”
$3.50 Ginger Smash


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