Classic Rock Comedian

Slow Ride Roadhouse


The Slow Ride Roadhouse hosts a night of live absurdity Saturday November 15th featuring a performance by what can best be described as a cross between "Weird Al Yankovic and the midwest 80's cover band, Hairball".......combining classic rock song impersonations with crazy lyrical changes in a high-energy show that rocks the house and stimulates laughter....lots of it.

Willhite, a 15 year comedy veteran who's worked with such notables as Jeff Dunham, Jon Lovitz, & Bobcat Goldthwait, employs a quarter-ton of performance gear featuring live guitars, amps, effects & props to absurdly bring to life acts across the rock spectrum such as AC/DC, ZZ Top & John Mellencamp to Ozzy Osborne, Jim Morrison & Guns N' Roses.

For advanced ticket sales & more information:

(785) 749-2727

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