Fourth Annual Hemi Jam


The fourth annual Hemi Jam, which benefits children and families suffering from radical brain surgery, is planned for Sat. Nov. 22nd at The Granada Theatre in downtown Lawrence, KS. Doors open at 6:30pm.

All proceeds from the Hemi Jam directly benefit The Hemispherectomy Foundation. The Hemi-foundation is an all-volunteer organization that supports children and families who are impacted by hemispherectomy brain surgery. This radical brain surgery is used as a last resort to stop uncontrollable seizures. One side of a child's brain is removed and disconnected with the hope that by removing this damaged side, the child has a chance of living a life seizure free. These children are on high doses of strong medication, which come with damaging developmental side effects. This surgery gives families hope that these children can wean off these meds and live a life without seizures.

The Hemi-foundation offers families a network of support, both financially and emotionally. This foundation is run completely by volunteers and helps approximately 1,000 families in all 50 states and 45 countries around the world. Connecting and supporting these families provides hope that life for their child can be bearable after a surgery as invasive as a hemispherectomy.

Last year, the Hemi Jam was a great success and received rave reviews from those that attended. The Hemi Foundation has been impressed with the support from the Lawrence community and chose Lawrence as the location for its annual conference during the summer of 2013. Previous years' conferences have been held in Baltimore, Los Angeles and Indianapolis.

This year's Hemi Jam is expected to feature another talented music lineup. Danny McGaw, who performed the second year, will return. Also returning, from the Hemi Jam 2013 show, will be Revelation: A Tribute to Journey. They were quite entertaining and those that attended last year will be happy to hear that they will be appearing again this year. A very special guest will also take the stage between McGaw and Revelation. George Demott, a member of the Hemispherectomy community himself, will bring his highly acclaimed pop opera performance all the way from Las Vegas. He will take the stage backed by some of Lawrence's finest musicians and will be sure to provide a sensational show. This will be, once again, a diverse lineup sure to keep the crowd engaged all night.

An additional feature being added this year is a live online stream of the event. For those that can't make it to show, but still would like to be a part of the action, can make a minimum donation to the Hemi Foundation of $10 and then be given a link to watch the Hemi Jam live via With members representing over 45 countries around the world, this is sure to turn the 4th Annual Hemi Jam into a global event.

For more information about this benefit or to make a donation visit, visit the "Hemi Jam" cause page on Facebook or send an email to


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