Taproom Poetry: Steve Roggenbuck, Liz James, and Zach Webb

Eighth Street Tap Room

Join us in the basement of the Taproom for our August reading. This reading features a lineup of exciting young poets: visiting writer Steve Roggenbuck will be joined by local writers Liz James and Zach Webb. 

Steve Roggenbuck is a poet and video artist whose work explores the new forms that literature and humor can take on the Internet. His work has been covered by the New York Times, Gawker, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, NPR, The Fader, and The New Yorker. His videos are currently on exhibit in the New Museum's 2015 Triennial. He has published five collections of writing, and is the founder of Boost House, a small press and co-op house currently located in Tucson, Arizona. http://www.steveroggenbuck.com/

Liz James is a poet currently living in Lawrence, Kansas. She was published in last year's Kiosk literary magazine and will be co-directing this year's Undergraduate Reading Series both at the University of Kansas. Liz loves traveling, writing, visiting art museums, and spending time with her cat, Rosie. 

Zach Webb writes. He does most of his writing in Lawrence, Kansas. He has also been seen bumming around South-East Kansas, but he wouldn’t recommend that to anyone else unless they were trying to score a really good snow cone or amphetamines. He graduated from The University of Kansas last May, and since then he has been doing his damnedest write as much as he can. So far, he has succeeded in not starving to death. He likes weird musical instruments, funny looking dogs, beer, and probably you, though your odds increase exponentially the more of those other things you have with you at the moment.


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