5th Annual Chefs Challenge at the Douglas County Fair

A trio of chefs from three popular local restaurants will duel for the winning title with spatulas and samples (free!) at the Chefs Challenge at the County Fair. Each chef will be asked to showcase a unique but easy-to-follow way of preparing the featured locally grown vegetable, eggplant. Chefs include Brad Brown, Bird Dog Bar at The Oread; Simon Bates, The Burger Stand at the Casbah; and Vaughn Good, Hank Charcuterie. Last year's winner will chat with competing chefs about culinary techniques for seasonal, local ingredients. Audience members will not only enjoy generous free samples, they will be asked to help judge! This event is perfect for foodies, experienced and novice cooks, gardeners, localvores and anyone looking to celebrate our local farmers. The event is sponsored by the Douglas County Food Policy Council, Extension Master Gardeners, and Master Food Volunteers.


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