Kelly Kearns on Final Friday

Bourgeois Pig

The Bourgeois Pig Presents:

Kelly Kearns

Opening Reception: Final Friday, July 31st, 2015

5 until 9 pm

(6 E. 9th Street, Lawrence, KS)

K e l l y K e a r n s

Throughout my work and my life, nature remains a constant inspiration. I
have always been fascinated with nature’s immense layers, depth, textures,
colors, and shapes. At an early age, I would spend time in nature,
collecting items to examine and keep as memories. When I started to find my
voice as an artist, I used these experiences with nature as an inspiration,
and I started to appreciate the sheer mass of nature as well. I started to
understand the beauty behind entire ecosystems, and large landmasses. When
viewing a patch of forest or prairie, one only sees the simplicity of the
landscape, however at a closer look is able appreciate the complexity of
the environment, and the larger context of its surroundings. These micro
and macro views of nature are my primary vision when making a piece. I
repeatedly zoom in and out of my work, hoping to create an environment
where it can be viewed as a whole mass, but also contain small intricacies,
like in nature. By focusing on both macro and micro views of nature within
my work, I hope to create environments that appear simple yet complex.

This show is about new beginnings, change, and moving forward. I wanted to
Thank Lawrence for all it’s given me and shown me throughout the past 10
years. This is a very small sampling of work I’ve made here in Lawrence,
most of them more recent. Lawrence is so inspiring, it would take a
warehouse to show all of the pieces I made, started, and dreamed up while
living here. I found my voice as an artist through all of my interactions
with the people and exploring the nature Lawrence has to offer.


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