Richard's Rock Camp Concert


Join us for Richard's Rock Camp's 6th annual concert.

30 youth, aged twelve to eighteen will perform a full-fledged rock concert as a culmination of a three week-long music education program.

The show is free and open to all ages. Come support the future of Lawrence music!

Please invite all friends, family and community members. All are welcome! We would love to get a big audience to fill the space and cheer on everyone.

Richard’s Rock Camp is devoted to the educational and artistic development of young musicians. As an immersive music education program, we give teenagers a complete rock-n-roll experience. From rehearsal to a full-fledged rock concert students learn how to be a part of band.


To create high-quality performance that is focused on bringing together community, music, and education.

Core Values

We believe…

• in challenging opportunities for youth to grow and develop.

• in music education that fosters confidence, communication, self-respect, leadership, and cooperation.

• in creating a positive experience where young musicians support each other in order to make vital contribution to the future of music within our community.


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