"Single Shots and Sunday School"

Lawrence Percolator

"Single Shots and Sunday School" is a monologue show. Most of the seven monologues and/or their playwrights have ties to Lawrence. Among them:

  • ​"Hot Georgia Sunday," written by acclaimed playwright Catherine Treischmann

  • "Upon the Occasion of Uncle Milt," written by Lawrence playwright Will Averill and performed by Jerry Mitchell, aka Victor Continental.

  • "Warning Shots," written by Everett Robert, about Quantrill’s raid.

  • "Bang," by Dan Born, in which Joan Vollmer tells the story of her life with William S. Burroughs, which ended when he accidentally shot her in the head in Mexico City.  Yours truly is performing this one.​ I am terrified (just me, eight pages) and very excited.

Produced by Emu Theatre.


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