Ninth Street Corridor Citizen Advisory Committee

Lawrence Public Library

The Ninth Street Corridor Citizen Advisory Committee will meet to discuss the planned revitalizaton project (details at

The committee is a group of neighborhood, city and business representatives who will act as the project's sounding board for city staff and the design team, the city said in a release.

Committee meetings are open to the public.

Project leaders plan to renovate a seven-block area from Delaware to Massachusetts streets, incorporating artwork and making the area more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.


Richard Heckler 2 years, 8 months ago

The question is ....

The rendering in the LJW a few days back was quite nice looking if that is in fact the choice.

How does that impact local residents along the way?

Is the city expecting to ask the immediate neighborhood to cough up a benefit district tax to pay for that? After those homes have been paying taxes to Lawrence,Kansas for many many decades if not 100 years or more? (Where is the money?)

And how exactly is that new street design going to draw people from all around the world to Lawrence,Kansas? Where is the substance behind this projection?

If Lawrence city hall is sincere about making a whopping new impression why isn't city hall maintaining all of the streets and walkways in a respectable manner instead of trying to sell the public some wild notion? that will die out quicker than most taxpayers can shake a stick.

Where is that Art and Design College that would likely provide a lasting impression? Lawrence,Kansas could use the another real college and the revenue that comes with.

Richard Heckler 2 years, 8 months ago

City hall should fund the entire cost of 9th street rehab to include purchasing art work from the taxpayer cookie jar designated for that purpose.

I do not support Art Center grant money going into street rehab. Art Center grant money should be spent within the walls of the Art Center.

Think how $500,000 could be spent on scholarships and fun productions that enhance a young persons road to confidence and self esteem. We know the Art Center could put that grant money to better use absolutely.

Thank you, Richard Heckler Taxpayer

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