Poetry Reading: Erica Lewis, Lauren Hunter, and Hannah Warren

Eighth Street Tap Room

erica lewis lives in San Francisco where she is a fine arts publicist. In addition to mary wants to be a superwoman, her books include the precipice of jupiter, camera obscura (both collaborations with artist Mark Stephen Finein), murmur in the inventory, and daryl hall is my boyfriend. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Lauren Hunter is the author of HUMAN ACHIEVEMENTS (Birds, LLC 2017) and the chapbook My Own Fires (Brothel Books 2011). Her voice can be found inside the Poetry Jukebox in New York’s East Village, on the experimental track AM Radio by Marselle, and in poems forthcoming from Jubilat and The Recluse. Lauren currently lives in her hometown of Durham, North Carolina.

Hannah Warren is an MFA student at the University of Kansas, and her works have appeared recently in Soundings East, Jet Fuel Review, and Spirit’s Tincture. In her spare time, Hannah paints terribly and imagines a day in which she can live in a city made of trees. Most importantly, Hannah often writes about death but hopes never to experience it.


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