mar 4

League of Women Voters: State Education Discussion

Lawrence Public Library

Room A


Richard Heckler 1 year, 4 months ago

=== $600 Million should do it for openers .... it is just Kansas conservatives are like all other conservatives. They like stonewalling and misconstruing the facts .....

America has plenty of choices for schools: Conservatives lead America astray pretending the USA does not have school choice.

If anyone has children they know there are many education choices available in the USA. For more than 100 years choices have been available.

For example:

Public schools

Private Schools

Parochial Schools

Waldorf Schools

Home Schools

Music Schools

Dance Schools

Tutors are available

All have financial means by which to assist aka scholarships,grants and such.

The ones who say they despise taxes want to steal tax dollar supported programs to divert those taxes into their private bank accounts.

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