Exhibit: Norman Akers, "Contested Territories"


  • Ongoing: until Saturday, October 24, 2015
  • Sunday: 12:00pm
  • Saturday: 12:00pm
  • Where: Lawrence Percolator, Lawrence
  • Cost: Not available
  • Age limit: Not available
Norman Akers' exhibit "Contested Territories" will be on
display at the Percolator Art Space from September 25-October 24,2015.

This exhibition consists of 20 monoprints that explore issues related to an
ever-changing political and cultural landscape in the Americas. The prints
make use of layered imagery, including early European prints and altered
maps to create an alternate landscape. Prof. Akers’ work addresses the
impact of colonialism in the Americas exploring issues related to identity
and place. The vocabulary of our time with words such as indigenous,
native, outsider, illegal alien, and immigrant are used to define people’s
relationship to place. The complexity of defining home, with the notion of
belonging to or claiming a place in a shifting historic and political
landscape has deeply influenced this body of work.

Prof. Akers is an Associate Professor in the Visual Arts Department at the
University of Kansas. As an Osage artist, Prof. Akers reinvents what it
means to be a cartographer through paintings and prints whose nonlinear map
images range from names of states, roadway lines, tribal oral histories,
and flora and fauna. These qualities converge to express both a personal
and cultural exploration in reclaiming a sense of place and home.

Prof. Akers will give a gallery talk entitled, “Experiences of a Native
Artist in the Mainstream” at the Percolator Art Space at 1 pm on Saturday
October 17th. This talk focuses on issues related to identity,
stereotyping, and expectations in the art market.

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