Poker Pub


  • Ongoing: until Monday, February 1, 2010
  • Thursday: 6:00pm
  • Thursday: 9:00pm
  • Saturday: 6:00pm
  • Saturday: 9:00pm
  • Where: Conroy's Pub, Lawrence
  • Cost: Free
  • Age limit: All ages

There is no cost or fee necessary to play in the tournament

1) Players must come in 30 minutes prior to the tournament start to register and sign up on the players list.

2) Normal rules of No Limit Texas Hold em will apply.

3) Each player will receive $4,000 in chip points (19 chips total)

4) When all are full and players are seated, each person will draw a card and highest card takes first deal. If two players have the same card, they will draw again. The deal will be passed on in a clockwise manner.

5) Blinds will be raised every 15-20 minutes (25-50 ---> 50-100), this will be announced by the floor men. If a hand is still being dealt during the blind raise, the next round of play will be doubled.

6) The minimum raise / bet for each hand will be equal to the big blind (starting at $50 and increasing with each successive round).

7) A 15 min. break will be offered after the first hr of play. Players must leave their chips so that they can be broken down and replaced with higher valued chips (due to the increase in blinds).

8) Once a player is eliminated (out of chip points) they are not allowed to buy back in or borrow chips. They must sign up for the next round if they want to play again.

9) Players who make it to the final table per each tournament will be invited to join the other nightly top winners in the Finals tournament where they will be able to compete for the GRAND PRIZE!!!

10) Remember--it's JUST A GAME and best of all it's FREE!!! For more info see

Drink specials

  • Thursdays at Conroy's Pub: $2.75 PBR tallboys
  • Thursdays at Conroy's Pub: $2.75 PBR tallboys
  • Saturdays at Conroy's Pub: $6.75 domestic pitchers
  • Saturdays at Conroy's Pub: $6.75 domestic pitchers

This event was posted March 4, 2004 and last updated Sept. 16, 2014


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