"Sensitive Dependence," new works by Jeromy Morris


  • Ongoing: until Monday, March 1, 2010
  • Sunday: 7:00am
  • Monday: 7:00am
  • Tuesday: 7:00am
  • Wednesday: 7:00am
  • Thursday: 7:00am
  • Friday: 7:00am
  • Saturday: 7:00am
  • Where: Bourgeois Pig, Lawrence
  • Cost: Free
  • Age limit: All ages

From the artist: Jeromy was born in Denver, Colorado and moved to Kansas in 1994. He was given the opportunity to travel the world soon after leaving high school in 1997. Through this experience he found his passion for photography and film. In 2002 he began studying Graphic Design at the University of Kansas and graduated in 2006 with a BA in Visual Communications. Jeromy is a founding and active member of the Fresh Produce Art Collective and DotDotDot Artspace. He is constantly finding new techniques to express his creativity through multiple medias and mediums. Inspired by chaos and the mundane, he seeks out subtleties and embraces the accidental. His process involves, photography, acrylic, photocopy, spray paint, found objects, ect… and most of his works find way onto wooden panel. He lives and works in Lawrence, Kansas with his two-year-old daughter, Opal, and beautiful inspiring wife Quinn. He works as a graphic artist from his eastside home as an Art Director for Be-Mag (Austrian based Skate/Art/Culture magazine), Vibralux Denim and S.T.A.R. Urethane. He’s also senior designer for Quinn’s newly formed textile business, Quince to Marmalade.

Sensitive Dependence deals with interactions and happenings relating to partnerships and friendships, consumerism and advertising, urban ruins/type decay, self-growth and balance, nature vs. industry and the equilibrium and fusion thereof.

Drink specials

  • Sundays at The Bourgeois Pig: $3 cooler beer
  • Mondays at The Bourgeois Pig: $5 Horsefeathers / $4 Moscow Mules / $3 cooler beer
  • Tuesdays at The Bourgeois Pig: $5 all wines by the glass / $3 cooler beer
  • Wednesdays at The Bourgeois Pig: $5 double infusions / $3 cooler beer
  • Thursdays at The Bourgeois Pig: $2 off classic martinis / $3 cooler beer
  • Fridays at The Bourgeois Pig: $3 cooler beer
  • Saturdays at The Bourgeois Pig: $3 cooler beer

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