Musicians who play bass guitar.

Musician Band
Aaron "Baron" Swenson Podstar, Many Moods of Dad
Aaron Riffel mi6, Unknown Stuntman
Adam Dixon Kaw Valley Project
Adam Mercado I Heard A Lion
Adrian Rees Log Lady
Alan Brandsted Hidden Pictures
Alex "Red" Corn Majaedus
Alex Pierrelee Aubrey
Alex Delanda Dri
Alexis Barclay Yossarian's Lament
Amy Farrand American Catastrophe
Andrew Luxem Family Reunion
Andrew Algren Dylan Paul Band, Emperor Stan
Andy Gassaway Pomonas
Andy Kroeker Cosmopolitics, Big Metal Rooster
Anthony "T-Bills" Bilello Et tu, Brute?
Anthony Diale Esoteric
Anthony Barnett Lost 80
Anthony Case Checkered Beat
Asmo Vibralux
Austin "Selch O'Cannon" Doores Tommy Ferrari and the Future Motor Machines
Beau Smith Abbington
Behnam Raisdana Device
Ben Shult Billy Ebeling And The Late For Dinner Band
Ben "The Crusher" Davis Ike Turner Overdrive
Ben Fired Trucker
Ben Ruth Be/Non, Grand Marquis
Ben Hirschfeld Irietions
Bev Weidner New Tragedies
Bill Ning Volara, Muscle Worship
Bill "Roach" Sundahl It's Over
Billy Smith Olympic Size, Season To Risk
Blackjack Snow Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys
Bob Stewart BoxKite
Bobby Sauder Mammoth Life
Brad Maestas SEEK, Yards
Brad Huhmann Truck Stop Love
Brad Nichols Ants
Brad Shanks Bandit Teeth
Brandon Knocke Button Band, Continents
Brandon Draper Organic Proof, INnatesounds Crew
Bret Palmer Strangers, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Shhh
Brett Resnick Percival, Jen Say Kwahs, That Damn Sasquatch, Hidden Pictures
Brian Everard Creature Comforts, Blackpool Lights, Belles
Brian Gaddie e double
Brian Barton Everest, Rooster Blastoff
Brian Phillips Minus Story
Brian Patrick Davan
Brian Denman Cast Pattern
Brook Partain Another Holiday