Musicians who play drums.

Musician Band
Bret Dillingham Fear & Whiskey, What Gives, Shebangs
Bretnon Tiny Tuxedo
Brett Armstrong Brett Armstrong
Brett Gerstenberger OK Jones
Brett Resnick Percival, Jen Say Kwahs, That Damn Sasquatch, Hidden Pictures
Brian Costello Save the Whales, Fourth of July
Brian Miller Ad Astra Arkestra
Brody Doores Be/Non
Brody "Ernie Early" Doores Tommy Ferrari and the Future Motor Machines
Bruce Humphries B.O.M.B. the Big One Man Band
Bryan Stober Poor Miner's Union
Bryce Boley Conner
Bud Pettit Billy Spears
Caleb Berciunas Sailor Sequence
Cameron Pestinger Device
Chad Craptacular Los Craptaculares
Charley Downey Naomi What?, Bandit Teeth
Charlie Monroe Et tu, Brute?
Chris Cardwell Kaw Valley Project, No Lessons
Chris Bulgren Bubble Boys, Wood Roses
Chris Davis Pomeroy
Chris Metcalf Olympic Size, Life and Times
Chris Brower Another Holiday
Chris Nunez Lonnie Fisher and the Mobile Spirits, Books of Bokonon
Christian Jankowski Anniversary, Only Children
Christian McMahon Black Rabbits
Christopher Wade RIVA
Colby Earlywine Havok on Polaris
Colin Mahoney Julia Peterson and the Breaks
Colin Constance Dylan Paul Band
Craig Comstock Blue Leaves, This Is My Condition
Crystal Craisin California Craisins
Curtis McCoy Free All Beats
Dallas Gutschenritter National Fire Theory
Dan Balsinger Psilenus
Dan Dumet Yossarian's Lament
Daniel Benson Danny Pound Band, Curly's Roadhouse Revue, Dactyls
Danny Rojas Apollo 13, Yards
Danny McConnaughhay Lights & Siren
Daru INnatesounds Crew
Dave Borberg Red Guitar
Davey Hollywood Rich Boys
David Spiker Pembertons, Ruskabank
David "Mac Lethal" Sheldon Mac Lethal
David Saab Blue Leaves
David Silver Season To Risk
David Zey Eyes Like Headlights
Debby Vander Butterglory
Dennis Dunbar Moaning Lisa
Devin Heath Checkered Beat