Musicians who play guitar.

Musician Band
A. "Outlaw" Jake Outlaw Jake and the Chain Gang
Aaron Ogle Sound and The Fury
Aaron "Baron" Swenson Podstar, Many Moods of Dad
Aaron Pillar Appleseed Cast
Aaron Weidner New Tragedies
Aaron Steinert Meatflower
Aaron Couch Another Holiday
Adam Stotts Be/Non
Adam Dixon Kaw Valley Project
Adam Murphy Big Surrender
Adam Merker Free State Revival
Adam Lee Adam Lee and the Dead Horse Sound Co.
Adrian Bartholomew RIVA
A.J.P. "Clamp" Erlinger Two Dollar Shoe Revival Story
Al Underwood Free State Revival
Alex Kritikos Marry Me Moses, Family Reunion
Alex Brahl Tijuana Crime Scene
Alex Harmon Rooster Blastoff
Alex Roanoke Roanoke
Alex Law Big Cat KS, Deadman Flats
Alex Ward Noise FM
Allen Levine Love Squad
Allen Epley Life and Times
Amit Sharma Yuca Roots
Andrew Morgan Andrew Morgan
Andrew Connor Andrew Connor, Ghosty, Fourth of July, ACB's
Andrew Ashby String and Return, Belles
Andrew Bruns Key
Andrew Kirk Anvil Chorus, Lights & Siren
Andy Morton Danger Bob
Andy Byers Autumn State, Minus Story
Andy Graham A. Graham and the Moment Band
Andy Wagner Ample Branches
Aniko Adany Five Defy
Anne Crane Rowan
Anne Tangeman Shebangs
Austin Ward Noise FM
Baby Craisin California Craisins
Barrett Emke Boo and Boo Too
Barry Osbourne Billy Ebeling And The Late For Dinner Band
Beau Bruns Cowboy Indian Bear, Kennedy Luck Club
Ben Grimes Golden Republic
Ben White Old Black
Benjamin Wachter Tripp Algiers
Bert Spates Craisin California Craisins
Beth Watts Konza Swamp Band
Betse Ellis Wilders
Bill Colburn Gourmet Mushroom X, Black Rabbits, Eudoras
Bill Heinen Aeolian
Bill Goffrier Embarrassment