Musicians who play guitar.

Musician Band
Billy Ebeling Billy Ebeling And The Late For Dinner Band
Billy Hunsinger Lonesome Hobos
Billy Neuberger Sound You Say
Billy Wassung Billy the Squirrel, Big Metal Rooster
Billy Smith Olympic Size, Season To Risk
Bo McCall Distance to Empty, Antennas Up
Bob Stewart BoxKite
Bobby Evans Kansas City Bear Fighters
Brad Durston Dark Matter
Brad In the Pines
Brad Butler Poor Miner's Union
Brad Shanks Bandit Teeth
Brad Stewart The Beat Pirates, Books of Bokonon
Brad Huhmann Red Kate
Braden Young Braden Young
Brado Craptacular Los Craptaculares
Brandon Mock Risky Shift Phenomenon
Brandon Akin Volara
Brandon Brown Blue Leaves
Brandon Hudspeth Levee Town
Brandon Draper Organic Proof, INnatesounds Crew
Brandon Chavez Cherry Tree Parade
Brendan Costello Save the Whales, Dactyls
Brent Berry Brent Berry Band
Bret Palmer Strangers, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Shhh
Bret Dillingham Fear & Whiskey, What Gives, Shebangs
Brett Armstrong Brett Armstrong
Brett Resnick Percival, Jen Say Kwahs, That Damn Sasquatch, Hidden Pictures
Brian Gee Bubble Boys
Brian Baggett Dojo, Brian Baggett Band, Yards
Brian Adams OK Jones
Brian Patrick Davan
Brian Mitchell Yards
Brian Lowe Noise Complaint
Brian Tiemeyer Irietions
Brodie Rush Be/Non
Brody Buster 1950 D.A., Brody Buster
Bronson Kistler Lovers in Transit
Brook Blanche Calamity Cubes
Brooke Hunt Ad Astra Per Aspera, Ad Astra Arkestra
Bruce Humphries B.O.M.B. the Big One Man Band
Bryan McGuire ACB's
Bryce Hefner Hefners
Buck Brandt Global Warmers
Byron Huhmann Onward Crispin Glover, Anvil Chorus
Caleb Kuhl Abbington
Cameron Hawk Podstar, Julia Peterson and the Breaks, Many Moods of Dad, Dead Girls
Camille Nolan John Nolan
Casey Burge Ormus Gold, Kelpie, Button Band
Casey Hester Prynne