Musicians who play guitar.

Musician Band
Celia Celia
Chad Bryan Ants
Chad Craptacular Los Craptaculares
Chad Rex Chad Rex and the Victorstands
Charley Downey Naomi What?, Bandit Teeth
Charlie Rose Two Dollar Shoe Revival Story
Charlie Naramore Avenue, Fairer Sex, shaggy haired outcasts
Chip Chirp Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk
Chris Crisci Appleseed Cast, Old Canes
Chris Scruggs BR549
Chris Meck Pendergast
Chris Tady Choad, Sterilize Stereo
Chris Lockard Majestics Rhythm Revue
Chris Hess But Keep the Old, Cast Pattern
Christopher Tolle Creature Comforts, Belles, Olympic Size
Christopher Clark Blue(ish)
Chuck Mead BR549, Billy Spears
Chuck Whittington namelessnumberheadman
C.J. Calhoun Cowboy Indian Bear, Kennedy Luck Club
Clay Britton Key
Colin MacMillan Primetime Heroes
Corbin Logan Free State Revival
Cory White Theta, Esoteric, Paper Cities, Coalesce
Court Caywood Shhh
Courtney Caywood Ice Cream Sandwiches
Craig Comstock Blue Leaves, This Is My Condition
Curt Cuscino Cheating Kay
Curtis Hayton Distance to Empty
Dain Estes Shaking Tree
Dalin Horner Santo Gold, Black Christmas
Dalton Howard Lonesome Hobos
Damon Baltuska Josephine Collective
Dan Rempel RedLefty
Daniel Simmons Santo Gold
Daniel Martins Yuca Roots
Danny Pound Danny Pound Band
Danny Fischer Afterparty
Danny Rowland Transmittens
Dave Jones Agent 5 Nine
Dave Regnier Afterparty
Dave Lara Julia Peterson and the Breaks
David Spiker Pembertons, Ruskabank
David George Moaning Lisa
David Schapker Kozmo
David Swenson Danny Pound Band, Arthur Dodge and the Horsefeathers
David White mi6
David Elliott Brunette
David Cox Sexy If You're Maladjusted
David Barnhill JR & the Juniors, Sunflower Colonels
David Mason Daleria, Midnight Vinyl