Musicians who play guitar (lead).

Musician Band
Ace Frazier Guse
Andrew Connor Andrew Connor, Ghosty, Fourth of July, ACB's
Andrew Kirk Anvil Chorus, Lights & Siren
Ben Honeybaby
Brad Lewis Getaway Driver
Brandon Phillips Architects
Brian Little Hearts to Waste, Vedera
Brother James Ike Turner Overdrive
Bryan Chesen Anything But Joey
Carl Redcorn Rich Boys
Chris "the Manimal" Manimalicious Matfield Green
Cody Henry Lonnie Fisher and the Mobile Spirits
Danny Corwin Kennedy Luck Club
Dave Wolfe Chemical Ali
Gary Paredes Howard Iceberg and the Titanics
James Duft Conner
Jamie Zoeller Doris Henson
Jamil Mahmood Tri Point Paradox
J.B. Morris Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys
Jeff Williams Black Ale Sinners, RedLefty
Jon Wessel National Fire Theory
Jon Osborne Ashley Ray
Josh Matheny Ashley Ray
Kenny Nall Afterhours
Kneel Diamond Amazing Donkey Show
Kristin Lee Matfield Green
Mark Gordy Chemical Ali
Marty Robertson Onward Crispin Glover, Abileen
Matt Mozier Arthur Dodge and the Horsefeathers, Truck Stop Love
Mike Alexander Architects, Buffalo Saints, Roseline
Mike Cibura Tanner Walle
Mike Yunghans Lost 80
Mike Chapman Blue Things
Miles Baker Tablets of Orion
Mitch Larsen Hearts to Waste
Nate Paradis Books of Bokonon
Oliver "Buck" Zeltner Oliver Buck, Gryphyn, Percival
Richard Williams Kansas
Rob Anderson Device
Robert Suchan Koufax
Rusty Blanchard I Heard A Lion
Ryan Davis Device
Schwen Full Feature
Scott Welch Cosmopolitics
Stephen Wolfe Getaway Driver, Cavaliers
Thom Alexander Ashley Ray
Tom Wagner Conner
Travis McKenzie Abracadabras
Will Ivy Lonesome Hobos
Zach Mehl Newmatica, Lawrence Letterday