Musicians who play vocals.

Musician Band
Brent "Woody " Giessmann Embarrassment
Brent Berry Brent Berry Band
Bret Palmer Strangers, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Shhh
Bret Dillingham Fear & Whiskey, What Gives, Shebangs
Brett Guitardo Matfield Green
Brett Armstrong Brett Armstrong
Brian Gaddie e double
Brian Harris 3 a.m.
Brian Patrick Davan
Brian Lowe Noise Complaint
Brian Tiemeyer Irietions
Brodie Rush Be/Non
Brook Blanche Calamity Cubes
Bruce Humphries B.O.M.B. the Big One Man Band
Bryan Anderson Afterhours
Bryan Redmond Grand Marquis
Bunny Rodina Blue Orleans
Byron Huhmann Onward Crispin Glover, Anvil Chorus
Cainro Tiny Tuxedo
Caleb Kuhl Abbington
Caleb Roanoke Roanoke
Calvin Bennett Floyd the Barber, Satan's Jeweled Crown
Cameron Hawk Podstar, Julia Peterson and the Breaks, Many Moods of Dad, Dead Girls
Camille Nolan John Nolan
Candace Nicholas Sellout
Carlos Centano Pleasuremaker
Carlos Valez Eyes Like Headlights
Carol Spears Billy Spears
Casey Burge Ormus Gold, Kelpie, Button Band
Cassandra Peters Coat Party
Celia Celia
Chad Bryan Ants
Chad Rex Chad Rex and the Victorstands
Charles McVey Lonnie Fisher and the Mobile Spirits, Charles S. McVey
Charley Downey Naomi What?, Bandit Teeth
Charlie Rose Two Dollar Shoe Revival Story
Charlie Naramore Avenue, Fairer Sex, shaggy haired outcasts
Chip Chirp Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk
Chris Crisci Appleseed Cast, Old Canes
Chris Bulgren Bubble Boys, Wood Roses
Chris Tady Choad, Sterilize Stereo
Chris Braun Sound You Say
Chris Shaw Hi-Dive, Eric Mardis Group, Newmatica
Chris Lockard Majestics Rhythm Revue
Christian Hankel Alacartoona
Christopher Tolle Creature Comforts, Belles, Olympic Size
Christopher Clark Blue(ish)
Chuck Mead BR549, Billy Spears
C.J. Calhoun Cowboy Indian Bear, Kennedy Luck Club
Claire Morris Lonesome Hobos