Lists for October 14, 2003

From Deadwood Edition #13

On Deck

...wherein we listen to what Lawrence's movers and shakers are moving and shaking. to.

  1. Gary Numan & Tubeway Army, "Premier Hits"
  2. Outkast, "Hey Ya" single
  3. N.O.I.A., "Unreleased Hits 78-'82"
  4. The Ssion, "Opportunity Bless My Soul"
  5. Antelope, "Antelope"

Top email to

To: Subject: Re: Raoul's Velvet Room Date: October 10, 2003 5:10 PM

Please remove all references to Raoul's Velvet Room from your website. This includes main page of restaurants with Raoul's Velvet Room still on it, and "formerly known as Raoul's Velvet Room" from 815's page. Please call 913-xxx-xxxx to give time frame of removal.


From: Subject: Re: Re: Raoul's Velvet Room Date: October 10, 2003 5:10 PM

Shawn- it won't be long before we remove the reference to raoul's completely, but for now we need to keep it on there as a service to our readers. it's not been a month yet since the name change...closer to the newy year, most people will have had a chance to become aware of the switch and we will remove it.

fyi-lawrence restaurants do not pay for this is editorial content that we generate independently.

thanks, homies

To: Subject: re:Raoul's Velvet Room Date: October 10, 2003 5:10 PM

Legal change happened August 1, 2003. I have documentation from Grandfather's LLC stating that they are not to use any references to Raoul's Velvet Room, or any combination of these words. If you can not make changes immediately, I will have my attorney contact you.


From: Subject: Re: re:Raoul's Velvet Room Date: October 10, 2003 6:10 PM

See extras.

The Lists Page Contest: Dear Readers, Formulate a response to the above letter and send it to Our favorite letter writer will win dinner for two at EightOneFive (formerly Raoul's Velvet Room**) on You will be judged on your grasp of ethics, your pitbull qualities, and your panache. Extra points will be given to anyone who can introduce us to Susan Dey. **Until recently, EightOneFive (formerly Raoul's Velvet Room**) was known as Raoul's Velvet Room, owing to the partnership the Lawrence restaurant/bar had with a K.C. restaurant/bar of the same name. When that partnership was terminated, the Lawrence establishment at 815 New Hampshire changed names, though little else. Top 1 Correction from Last Issue: The game in the main review of the "gamer" section was "Halo" for PC, not "Halo 2" for PC. Our apologies to Shadow Wraith for any loss of rune stones due to our oversight. Full elven powers shall be awarded in on fortnight hence. More Web site Picks: Dr. Mark Martin takes you on a guided tour of how everyday things are made, including glass bottles, airplanes, and jelly bellys. Men? I don't think so. A daily updated site of strange goings-on across our fine planet. Also contains links to news, gossip, zines, crim, auctions, and everything else that makes life grand. Horror of horrors, a site that actually makes you think about the media. As Robert Frost might shout, "Go behind your Father's words!"