Lists for June 5, 2007

From Deadwood Edition #157

On Deck

...wherein we listen to what Lawrence's movers and shakers are moving and shaking. to.

  1. The Rapture, "Pieces of the People We Love"
  2. Sound Tribe Sector 9, "Live at Blue Note"
  3. TV on the Radio, "Return to Cookie Mountain"
  4. My Morning Jacket, "Okonokos"
  5. DJ Shadow, "The Outsider"


...wherein local TV connoisseurs intimate what keeps them on their couches.

  1. "The Planet Earth" I think it's done running on Discovery now, but for a while there, every Sunday I'd watch it for two hours straight.
  2. "I Love New York" New York was one of the girls on the first season of "Flava of Love." She made it to the final two and got dumped. He asked her back the second season, and she got dumped again, so she got her own show. She's a crazy lady.
  3. "Sopranos" and "Entourage" I watch them in a row on Sunday night. Lately, I like "Entourage" better-"Sopranos" have run out of ideas. The men are getting old. But it was good in its prime.

Bound Up

Currently reading: "Vegan Freak," by Bob and Jenna Torres. "It's about animal cruelty and eating a vegan diet."

One book everyone should read: "The China Study," by T. Colin Campbell. "It's about diet-the connection between the way we live and eat, and serious illnesses like diabetes and cancer. It's from a medical doctor who did a 20-year study of eating and health in rural China, and compared it to us in America. Our low cholesterol is their high cholesterol. We get our protein from meat, and they get theirs from legumes. It makes you wanna eat less meat. I'm working toward a totally vegan diet."

Top 20 Bands Who Didn't Make The Cut At Wakarusa

1. Dr. Funkotron's Baloney Rocket
2. Jesus' Beard Mites
3. The Sebastian P. Gallbladders Trio
4. DJ Septic Tank
5. Widespread Boredom
6. Hardcore Banjo
7. The Southwest Idaho Nobodies
8. Weed Burger
9. Somebody's Solo Project You Don't Care About-palooza
10. Dubterranean Groove Mutant Booty Quake (feat. Dr. Funkotron)
11. Hairless Noodle
12. Caucasian-tonk
13. The Malnourished Vegan Coughing Orchestra
14. Liquid Unicorn Acid Orgy
15. Skeet Spankers
16. The Unshowered
17. 30 Seconds To Mars
18. Ass Jam!
19. Hippy Spit
20. Dr. Bongenstein (Dr. Funkotron cover band)