Lists for November 18, 2008

From Deadwood Edition #222

On Deck

...wherein we listen to what Lawrence's movers and shakers are moving and shaking. to.

  1. The Dodos "Beware of the Maniacs"
  2. Vetiver "To Find Me Gone"
  3. Little Wings "Soft Pow'r"
  4. Deer Tick "Deer Tick"
  5. Graves "Easy Not Easy"


...wherein local TV connoisseurs intimate what keeps them on their couches.

  1. "Pushing Daisies" (ABC) "It's about this guy who can bring people back to life for a minute at a time by touching them. He finds out how they were killed and helps a detective make a lot of money. It's totally different from anything else that's on and it's hilarious. The cinematography is very colorful and dreamy. It's kind of like Tim Burton meets John Waters."
  2. "Carnivale" (HBO) "I've been watching its two seasons on DVD over and over. It's pretty epic. There's this reluctant messiah living with a traveling circus and freak show during the Great Depression. It's great if you love midgets. Also, there are weird flashbacks and bearded ladies."
  3. "Seinfeld" (TBS) "I've seen every episode about 20 times. It's a guilty pleasure, I guess. It never gets old. I seem to use a line from some episode every day. I can constantly reference something from that show in my daily life. The 'Assman' episode is probably my favorite, where Kramer accidentally gets the wrong license plate that says 'Assman.' That's also the episode where George's mom is single and thinks Kramer is hitting on her, all the while people are yelling 'Assman' at him on the street."

Bound Up

Currently reading: "Letters to my Son: A Father's Wisdom on Manhood, Life and Love" by Kent Nerburn "This guy is writing letters to his son about life lessons he's learned. Not necessarily telling him how to handle things, but how to think about them. He's telling his son things he wished he'd realized when he was growing up. He covers money, education, girlfriends, possessions, fairness, moral situations-he's asking his son to keep in mind what's important and what's not important. It's dipping into a man's mind, which is really interesting to me. How do guys think about things? It's pretty cool. He also talks about how guys are the shadow of their father, whether your dad was a horrible and crappy man or was an amazing man. You're either trying to overcome or be as good as your father your entire life. It's true-I look back at some of my boyfriends and go, 'Wow, you're just as sucky as your dad."

One book everyone should read: "Sabriel" by Garth Nix "I'm really into fantasy books. That's why I read books-to get the f*ck away from this life. Garth Nix has this series called the Old Kingdom Trilogy, with 'Sabriel,' 'Lirael,' and 'Abhorsen,' and it's really cool. It takes place in a world pretty much like our own, but there's a portion of it beyond this great wall where technology doesn't work and everyone still rides horseback and fights with swords and shit. There's magic involved. The whole series is about the Abhorsen, who has seven bells that control the seven gates of death. The Abhorsen controls the gates and prevents the dead from returning. There's of course this old ancient power that wants to come through the gates and destroy our world. It's not Harry Potter-there's no wands and going to school to learn spells-but there's not an insane amount of death and destruction. There's no cussing or anything. I cuss enough on my own, I don't need it in a book."